Holiday Give Back From Sacred Vagabond

In addition to teaching yoga, practicing yoga, writing about yoga, I also make handmade yoga inspired jewelry. And from now until Christmas, I will be running a little Holiday Give Back fundraiser through my shop, Sacred Vagabond, to support my small business and to spread a little light into the world.

Here’s a little background on the mission of this fundraiser….

The peaceful protests at Standing Rock and the victory they achieved put energy justice, water protection, and the importance of Indigenous voices on our radar screen as a nation. And now, it is our job to continue fighting for these issues in as many way as we can.

To realize this intention, I have decided that from now until Christmas, 15% of all of Sacred Vagabond purchases will go to support The Black Mesa Water Coalition.

This Inter-Tribal, Inter-Ethnic organization has seen many victories in the short 10 years since their formation. In 2005 they shut down the pipeline that carried coal to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix from the Black Mesa Mine — a structure that damaged Sacred Navajo Sites, polluted the land, depleted the water, and ravaged the economy on Tribal Lands for nearly 40 years. This is just one of the many fights the Coalition has won, and they don’t plan on getting out of the ring any time soon. I encourage you all to check out their site to learn more about them, or even donate directly if you feel called to do so. I’ll be sharing more about what they do as this fundraiser progresses.

Last but not least — to kick off this fundraiser, for the next 72 hours, I will be offering an additional 20% off your purchase! Please visit to shop our current inventory and use the discount code PROTECTTHESACRED at checkout.

Give back, save a little, and get a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Thanks for your support. Big love!


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