The Precipice. Jump or Die.

There is a fire within my heart that I have allowed to run cold. Passion, purpose, vision. Each of these a spark requiring constant kindling to keep aglow that I have allowed to fade into nothing.

I’ve been channeling my energy elsewhere. To the “supposed to-s,” the “should do-s,” and the “maybe there is something wrong with you-s” for feeling dead even after all the “supposed to-s” and “should do-s” are done.

As a result, my Spirit has learned to keep her vision to herself. She has learned that when she shares her secrets, they will go unheard or denied or forgotten. That they will be rationalized to smithereens until they exist as only a distortion of their original beauty and truth.

My life is far too precious to ignore these whispers any longer. Don’t I owe it to myself to live the life of my dreams? To take risks made up of the stuff of my wildest imaginations? I have far too much to give and far too much to receive. I have wisdom to uncover and obstacles to overcome. Roads to travel and countless misadventures to explore.

This is a reawakening – one where I have realized that a life lived entirely on the precipice, contemplating the leap or pretending it isn’t there, is far more frightening than the jump itself.

In this moment, I do not know what the future holds. But what I do know is that it is time to embrace massive, heart-expanding, Soul-emblazoning, scary-AF change, with a capital C H A N G E.

We are made to be daring. We are made to be bold. To be fierce. To be unyielding in the face of what we know to be True. To deny this is to die. Figuratively and literally.

We all have a mission to fulfill on this planet, begging us, pleading with us, to answer its cry. Call it Dharma. Call it Divine Purpose. Call it Fate. Whatever name you give it, learn it’s language and resolve yourself to listen.  Once the message is received, there is only one choice – proceed into expansion, or deny the ride of your life.

Be fearless dear Brother and Sister, because there will be aspects of this expansion that will be darker than dark. Know that this leg of your journey is making you strong, capable, and pure so that when you finally reach the light, you will possess all that you need to hold it’s blaze, to nurture and grow its undeniable power, and to share it with everyone you meet.

Oh my dearest Brothers and Sisters, I say this to you as much as I am saying this to myself: You are loved. You are supported. And you have important work to do here. Answer your call and I’ll see you on the other side of your long, dark night.





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