The Precipice. Jump or Die.

There is a fire within my heart that I have allowed to run cold. Passion, purpose, vision. Each of these a spark requiring constant kindling to keep aglow that I have allowed to fade into nothing. I’ve been channeling my energy elsewhere. To the “supposed to-s,” the “should do-s,” and the “maybe there is something [...]



Trust your vision and go with it. The suffering is not in the right or wrong, good, or bad. It is in the in between. The indecision. The middle ground where you're not all in or all out, But stuck stubbornly on the fence. Thinking, thinking, thinking... "should I this?" or "should I that?" The longer [...]

Holiday Give Back From Sacred Vagabond

In addition to teaching yoga, practicing yoga, writing about yoga, I also make handmade yoga inspired jewelry. And from now until Christmas, I will be running a little Holiday Give Back fundraiser through my shop, Sacred Vagabond, to support my small business and to spread a little light into the world. Here's a little background on [...]

A Meditation Exercise to Reduce Stress

Thinking about meditation… during mediation? <--- Yeah. Guilty…. Where do your thoughts seem to gravitate to when you consciously quite your mind? Your answer will show you the thought patterns that create unnecessary stress in your life. For me, sometimes it seems every other thought during mediation goes back to thinking about building my career [...]