Energy Work

In my energy work sessions I combine two very powerful and complementary modalities: Reiki and Sound Healing. Both of these techniques work with high vibrational frequencies — Reiki in the form of light, and Sound which we can conceive of as light in audible form.


Reiki is a system of healing that works with the energy of Divine or Universal Intelligence. This force has many names — Chi, Ki, Prana. It can even be compared to the energy of the Holy Spirit. No matter the name, this energy is something that we all have access to. In fact, it is within us and around us all the time. It is the same energy that enlivens our bodies, inspires the seed to burst forth towards the sun, and is the light of the sun itself.

Though we are always in communion with this Divine and Universal force, we can become depleted and disconnected from this energy. This can occur through trauma, unhealthy habits and behaviors, spiritual misalignment with our true selves, and even simply from the common stressors of daily modern living.

Science is beginning to prove that we are indeed beings of light, with an electromagnetic and photonic field that radiates out from within us. The healthier we are in all dimensions of our lives, the brighter this light.

While we can increase this light field in many ways — through nourishing foods, frequent healthy exercise, and daily peace practices like meditation, prayer, and compassionate self-care —  it can be helpful to receive a direct energetic boost to this light field. This is precisely what Reiki does.

Reiki and Sound Healing Space

During this part of our session, you will be laying comfortably on your back, while I channel this energy through your body by placing or hovering my hands over various energetic points.

Many people report feeling surges of energy run through their bodies. Others experience visions and moments of insight and clarity. While others simply report feeling extremely relaxed and clear. Regardless of what you experience, the Intelligence of this Universal Force works in the way that is most serving to you.

Sound Healing

Sound has been used around the world as a technology for healing, transformation, and reaching expanded states of consciousness for thousands of years.

Like light, sound is an energetic frequency. Just as our bodies can become deleted of light as a result of stress, fatigue, illness, and trauma, we can also become deficient in certain sound frequencies. Especially in our modern world, where many sounds are mechanical, digitized, and otherwise unnatural, it can be especially refreshing to receive a fresh dose of live, high-vibration sound. It is like stepping out from under florescent lights and into the freshness of the sun’s rays.

Sound as a practice and healing modality helps attune us to the spaciousness and silence within. In the yogic tradition, the saints and sages of old taught that within the utter quietude of the essential self, there is an omnipresent sound, an eternal vibration. To the yogis, this was the sound of Om. Others have described this infinite sound as the song of a flute, the hum of monks chanting, the wind rustling through the trees, the roar of waterfall, the soft babble of a creek, or even the beat of a drum. No matter how we experience this sacred sound of silence, washing ourselves in a current of sound helps us attune to this place of great quiet and peace within.

In this portion of our session, I guide you toward the seed of this sacred silence using several high-vibration instruments. Some of the sounds you may experience include crystal singing bowls, gong, shamanic drum, rainstick, Native American flute, steel tongue drum, harmonium, and Sanskrit chanting.

During several parts of our Sound Healing Session I play the instruments over your body to amplify the vibratory impact.

Each person’s experience with these sounds is unique and deeply personal. While some sounds may elicit strong emotions, others may be felt extremely viscerally as sensations in the body, while others still facilitate a deeply meditative, trans-like state. Many people report having visionary experiences, increased access to intuition, and mental clarity. Others describe feelings of extreme physical relaxation, as if they have been wrung out like a wet towel.


It is important to remember when working with any kind of energy medicine, that the one doing the healing work is you. While our work together serves as a the energetic catalyst to initiate the shift you are seeking, the most important work occurs after our session is over.

In the few days following our session, you will likely continue to experience a dramatic increase of energy and well-being. This will provide you the space required to identify and interrupt energetically draining patterns and habits. It is important to remember that over time, the pull to return to your old way of being will return. However, this is not evidence of our session’s failing. Instead, this is an extremely potent opportunity to hold onto the space and clarity created from our work together, and stay committed to your new way of being. Every time you successfully move through a trigger’s pull, you are watering the seed of healing we planted during our session. In time and with your diligence this seed will have sprouted into the fully rooted change you seek.

During this process and into the future, it will be very important for you stay connected to your own energetic source through practices like meditation, yoga, or other energy cultivating exercises. We will discuss this at the end of your session.

It would be my great honor to work with you in these modalities to help you achieve the
balance, peace, and harmony you seek.

Sixty minute session: $80
Ninety minute session: $120
Small group session: Inquire below for details

To schedule one of these services or to inquire about a small group session, please e-mail

* Single modality sessions of all Reiki or all Sound Healing are also available.




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