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Astrology Basics Part 1: The Twelve Houses
Sunday March 1, 2:00-4:00pm
Urban Wellness

At the moment of your birth, the sky told a story. A story that includes archetypal characters, energetic forces, multidimensional areas of life, and the intricate relationships that exist between them all.

This celestial story is you. And the tale is written on your Astrological Natal Chart.

The state of the heavens when your soul entered this realm is like an energetic signature that reveals insights about your personality, your unique gifts and challenges, how you relate with others, your life’s purpose, and much more.

Upon first glance, the strange array of symbols and patterns in your birth chart will likely appear as a mysterious encoded language. But, with a few key tools, the cosmic language of the stars can be translated into a system of meaning that creates a fascinating and endlessly fruitful tool for self-discovery and personal mastery.

Birth chart interpretation rests upon four pillars — astrological houses, zodiacal signs, planetary archetypes, and aspects (or relationships) between the planets. In this workshop we will focus on the first pillar, the astrological houses, which can be understood as the stage upon which the various areas of our life are played out.

During our time together, you will learn:

1. The basic break down of your astrological natal chart
2. The significations of the twelve astrological houses
3. How to interpret current astrology based on your natal chart
4. How astrology can be used as a tool self-discovery, personal mastery, and empowerment

Astrology is a potent tool, that when used with wisdom and discernment, can empower us to become co-creators of the life we desire, working in consort with cosmic cards we have been given.

Like many wisdom traditions, to be a student of Astrology is a life long endeavor. Bits and pieces of knowledge are best acquired slowly, where they can be applied, reflected upon, and integrated in a way that surpasses intellectual understanding, and becomes an embodied sense of relationship to earth and sky.

At its core, Astrology is the science and philosophy of “as above, so below.” To study it, is to embrace and embody this principle. Each and every one of us is an entire universe of meaning, relationship, and destiny within ourselves. It is my hope that by the end of this workshop we all will step closer to this truth.

As we gaze into the heavens may we see ourselves. And as we look inward, may we see the heavens.

I so hope you will join me!


To get the most out of this workshop, you will need to print out or bring a digital copy of your natal chart. For this you will need your birth information, including your exact birth time, date, and location. This information can be found on your birth certificate. If you do not have this information, the material shared in this workshop will still be informative, though you will not be able to apply it to your own birth chart.

To acquire your natal chart, follow these instructions:

1. Go to www.astro.com
2. Scroll down and click the “Extended Chart Selection” link
3. Follow the link to the data entry page
4. Enter your birth information and click “Continue”
5. Under the “Options for Zodiac and Houses” tab, click the drop down menu for house systems and select “whole signs” and then click “click here to show the chart”
6. Voila! This is your unique celestial story!
7. Print out or bring a digital copy to the workshop

If you have any questions about acquiring your birth chart or anything else, please send me a message. I look forward to sharing this fun and fascinating topic with you!

Early Bird: $25
Day of: $30

Venmo @kari-ann-levine
PayPal @kariannlevine@gmail.com (Please select the “friends and family” option at checkout.)
Please include your name and the name and date of this workshop in your purchase. Thank you!



YinKi: Dissolve into Love
With Sara Brooke Wolf & Kari Ann Levine
Friday, March 27, 2020
Urban Wellness

Step into our sanctuary of deep healing love! This is a gentle, floor-based yin yoga class which allows for deep relaxation and the release of mental, emotional, and physical stress. Postures will be held longer to allow opening and strengthening of the deeper connective tissues of the body-the joints, ligaments, and deep fascial networks. Contained in these tissues is where Prana, life force energy, flows. Through this practice, energetic blockages and stagnant energy can be removed, balanced and transformed thus allowing the vital energy to flow freely throughout the meridians and energy system of the body.

During class, you will receive Reiki (universal, healing energy) to support this process. A variety of sound healing instruments as well as mantra singing will be played throughout class to awaken and deepen the healing experience.

All Levels welcome and encouraged!

Early Bird: $23
At the Door: $30

Tickets available through Venmo to: @sarabwolf. Please put your name, event, & date of event in the comments when you transfer on Venmo.

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