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Thank you for visiting my site! It is my hope that here you will find information, resources, encouragement, and support to empower you on your personal journey back to wholeness. It is my belief that each of us are already complete as we are, right here right now. There is nothing we need to fix or change, but rather simply remember who we really are.

There is nothing I cherish more than offering a helping hand and guiding light for others on this path, that I too, am also on. Please explore this page with an open heart and mind, and if you feel that I might be someone to help you journey deeper into the world of self-love, please consider attending one of my classes, workshops, or working with me privately.

Blessings and love to all,

Upcoming Events


YinKi: Dissolve into Love
With Sara Brooke Wolf and Kari Ann Levine
Friday, January 31, 2020
Urban Wellness

Step into our sanctuary of deep healing love! This is a gentle, floor-based yin yoga class which allows for deep relaxation and the release of mental, emotional, and physical stress. Postures will be held longer to allow opening and strengthening of the deeper connective tissues of the body-the joints, ligaments, and deep fascial networks. Contained in these tissues is where Prana, life force energy, flows. Through this practice, energetic blockages and stagnant energy can be removed, balanced and transformed thus allowing the vital energy to flow freely throughout the meridians and energy system of the body.

During class, you will receive Reiki (universal, healing energy) to support this process. A variety of sound healing instruments as well as mantra singing will be played throughout class to awaken and deepen the healing experience.

All Levels welcome and encouraged!

Early Bird: $23
At the Door: $30

Tickets available through Venmo to: @sarabwolf. Please put your name, event, & date of event in the comments when you transfer on Venmo.



Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Meditation
Paige Fleischmann & Kari Ann Levine
Sunday, February 9th, 2020
Premier Fitness Systems 

What is Yin Yoga?

From a physical standpoint, yin postures are all about release. Postures and breathwork typically focus on manipulating the fascia—the deep connective tissues that fit like a sleeve around muscle groups and individual muscles. Since these tissues work hard to support and stabilize muscles and joints, they inherently resist changes from dynamic physical exertion. However, connective tissues lose elasticity if they are underused (which can happen if you have a mostly sedentary lifestyle) or as a natural byproduct of aging. This can present physically as stiffness, achy joints, or limited joint mobility.

By slowly loading various types of connective tissues with weight and maintaining long static holds, Yin Yoga aims to train muscular fascia to become more flexible and ligaments that support joints to become stronger. This creates space for our muscles to lengthen more in yang practices and our joints to safely enjoy an increased range of mobility during our daily movements.

What is Sound Meditation?

Sound has been used around the world for healing and accessing expanded states of consciousness for centuries. The instruments used are usually overtone producing, meaning they emit many frequencies at once. With our focused attention, these unpredictable, often unfamiliar, entrancing sounds lull us into trance- like meditative awareness. In this state, the body-mind is able to enter deep states of relaxation and restoration, release past traumas, create positive cognitive change, experience and learn how to create a calm and peaceful inner landscape, attune and align with the Higher-Self, and countless other life-enhancing benefits.

In order for the fruits of Sound Meditation to be absorbed most effectively, it requires active and mindful listening by the participants. As such, every sound meditation begins with a brief introduction about what sound is, why it is so powerful, and how to listen meditatively. From here, practitioners are guided on a deeply inward journey, using meditation-inducing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, harmonium, drum, vocal toning, and sanskrit mantra. At the end of each session, participants are gently guided into waking consciousness, concluding with a practice to integrate the sound experience.

Investment: 25$

To register call Premier Fitness Systems at (480) 245-7082.

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