Hello Friend. I am so glad you are here.

Whether you are new to the realm of inner work or you are a seasoned traveller, we all need a friend on the path sometimes. We don’t heal in isolation. We heal in relationship.

Our tender hearts require being witnessed, affirmed, and held as we do the work of becoming more and more of who we really are. It would be an honor to take this journey with you.

About Kari

I believe that the human condition, infinite in its expression, is remarkably beautiful. All of its forms — from the most tender and joyous love, to seemingly endless mundane monotony, to being frozen with grief, confusion, or fear — are holy encounters to experience our depths and to journey towards wholeness. 

This is why I also believe that the times in my life that have brought me to my knees, are also my most treasured gifts. For just as the tree whose branches reach the heights of heaven must also have roots that touch the depths of hell — it is only in the descent into darkness that we have no choice but to dig so deep that we discover our light, which is ultimately what we need most to illuminate our passage. 

My work over the last decade has been to discover the maps and tools to guide  me on my own journey and sharing what I have learned with others. My influences and teachers are wide-ranging, blending approaches from both modern academic science and various spiritual traditions. 

In 2012 I earned a Master’s degree in the field of sociology where I studied social psychology, embodiment, and identity. During this time I also discovered yoga and meditation, and I have been a student and teacher of these practices and their philosophies ever since. I have also explored the archetypal realms of sacred plant medicine, particularly with Ayahuasca, and have worked and studied with both indigenous and western healers from the traditional Shipibo lineage. Most recently, I have trained in modern approaches to trauma informed mind-body healing rooted in the field of somatic psychology.

Beyond all of this, I believe that the true healer in my work is you. That it is my job to meet you with unconditional and compassionate support so the barriers to your inner wisdom can fall away and your own wise and loving heart can be revealed. To support this unfolding, I will help you discover the resources you already have within, which can anchor and guide you back to yourself, even and especially in the face of your deepest tests and challenges. I also offer reflections from spiritual traditions as I have come to understand them, and from my own experiences as a devoted student to my own healing to provide further context for your process and experiences. 

It is a brave soul who says yes to this work — a true warrior of spirit, willing to wade into your watery depths, while resting on the wings of faith that there is gold awaiting your discovery on the other side.

It would be nothing short of an honor to walk beside you on this most courageous sojourn. To learn more, please visit my offerings page, here. 

Mind Body Integration Coaching

Each of us has a part within that is infinitely kind, loving, and wise. A part that when accessed, opens us to our own guidance, comfort, and strength — which is vital as we navigate the often treacherous terrain of healing. Uncovering and rooting deeply into this innate aspect of self is the foundation of the work we will do together.

Key to this process — and what makes my approach unique — is the mind-body work. In our sessions, we will not just be talking about your struggles, joys, challenges, and triumphs. I will be guiding you to tune into them. To actually experience them in your body. 

This foundational piece opens a doorway into the deeper layers of your experience and creates a field where the material discovered here can be explored, honored, and integrated into your understanding of who you are and your life. The result is a sense of integration — the experience of all parts of you living in the light of your conscious awareness and working together aligned with your highest virtue. 

And of course, all of this is done while held in the strong, loving arms of your own wise and compassionate self. This too, we will work with in an embodied and experiential way so that it becomes a solid and reliable anchor for you to call on both in our sessions and outside of them.

In this approach to coaching, you are both healer and guide. My role is to be a friend on the path, holding the light as someone familiar with the territory. Here to witness and affirm your process, I align with your emerging integrated self and support him or her as they rise to the surface and take the reins of your life.

It is a brave soul who says yes to this work — a true warrior of spirit, willing to wade into your watery depths, while resting on the wings of faith that there is gold awaiting your discovery on the other side.

It would be nothing short of an honor to walk beside you on this most courageous sojourn. I look forward to witnessing your journey. 

To schedule a complimentary 20 minute session to get a feel for me and the work, or to purchase a session or package, please visit my pricing page, here.


Kari guided me to connect to my wise self to help my inner child move through difficult experiences. She taught me how to focus on how my body was feeling and to benchmark feelings of comfort and relaxation so that I can bring this feeling into difficult situations to help me navigate through them. Kari is very compassionate, kind, and non-judgmental. This makes it so easy to be open and take in her guidance. This is something I will take with me for life.


Kari is a truly healing and amazing teacher and her passion and compassion inspire me deeply. She taught me ways to embrace my emotions, find and identity them, and then ground myself to not be overwhelmed by them . She has always been incredibly kind and supportive, especially at times I felt extremely vulnerable. What she has taught me has helped me become more resilient and more spiritually in-tune with my nature and emotions. I am so  very grateful for her teachings and guidance and wholeheartedly recommend her.


I have been going through a life transition and I felt I needed somebody to act as a sounding board so I could clarify the various mumbled thoughts that danced around in my head.

In our sessions, Kari would ask me reflective questions, at times holding up multiple thoughts of mine at the same time. This helped me to see and acknowledge that it wasn’t the thoughts that were the problem, but my relationship to the emotions they carried with them.

She would press me further to see how my physical body felt about these emotions. Where in my body did I feel them? What did I feel about them? Maybe I would find a tightness, a chill, a weight upon my shoulders, or an openness. This helped me to let the emotions run through me, and to feel them deeply.

Kari is an excellent practitioner, who, through her abilities of kindness and patience, has allowed me to open up more to myself. It has been a wonderful experience for me.