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Thank you for visiting my site! It is my hope that here you will find information, resources, encouragement, and support to empower you on your personal journey to back to wholeness. It is my belief that each of us are already complete as we are, right here right now. There is nothing we need to fix or change, but rather simply remember who we really are.

There is nothing I cherish more than offering a helping hand and guiding light for others on this path, that I too, am also on. Please explore this page with an open heart and mind, and if you feel that I might be someone to help you journey deeper into the world of self-love, please consider attending one of my classes, workshops, or working with me privately.

Blessings and love to all,


Upcoming Events


A Yin-ki Experience
With Kari Ann Levine and Sara Brooke Wolf
Friday, October 12, 2018
Walk in Wellness, Phoenix AZ

This is a gentle, floor-based yin yoga class which allows for deep relaxation and the release of mental, emotional, and physical stress. Postures will be held longer to allow opening and strengthening of the deeper connective tissues of the body-the joints, ligaments, and deep fascial networks. Contained in these tissues is where Prana, life force energy, flows. Through this practice, energetic blockages and stagnant energy can be removed, balanced and transformed thus allowing the vital energy to flow freely throughout the meridians and energy system of the body. Additionally, will be administering Reiki, universal healing energy, to support this process.

Throughout the experience, Kari will guide the journey inward with a full Sound Meditation — complete with Crystal Singing Bowls, Native American Flute, Medicine Drum, Bells, Chimes, Shakers, and Sanskrit Chant. The resonant frequencies of these instruments take the mind into a transcendental state, where healing of past trauma, as well as access to spiritual insight, is facilitated. Practitioners will leave feeling relaxed, reinvigorated, and with the awareness of their own vibration as an essential element of the greater whole.

Register for Yin-Ki, here.


Light and Sound Session
Monday, October 22nd, 2018
Wellspring Center for Health and Healing, Scottsdale AZ

Sound has been used around the world for healing and accessing expanded states of consciousness for centuries. The instruments used are usually overtone producing, meaning they emit many frequencies at once. These unpredictable, often unfamiliar, entrancing sounds lull us into trancelike meditative awareness. In this state, the body-mind is able to enter deep states of restoration, release past traumas, create positive cognitive change, experience and learn how to create a calm and peaceful inner landscape, attune and align with the Higher-Self, and countless other lifeenhancing benefits.

Every Light and Sound session begins with a brief introduction about what sound is, why it is so powerful, and how to listen meditatively. Participants are then guided through a meditative visualization to allow their conscious, thinking-mind to settle into a deeper, more present and embodied sense of being. Kari then takes practitioners on a deeply inward journey, using meditation-inducing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, harmonium, drum, vocal toning, and sanskrit mantra. During the experience, Kari channels Reiki Energy through her instruments and into the space, where it can be received by the practitioners. At the end of each session, Kari takes care to gently lift practitioners into waking consciousness, concluding with a practice, meditation, or affirmation to help integrate the sound experience. This helps practitioners not only leave feeling restored and revitalized, but with the tools to create this experience in their lives as well.

Register for Light and Sound Session, here.


Trance Dance and Cacao Ceremony
With Kari Ann Levine and Hamid Jabbar
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Urban Yoga, Phoenix AZ

This workshop was born of Hamid and Kari’s shared love of sound, movement, and ceremonial medicines. Both facilitators have studied various shamanic technologies, combining their knowledge to create this unique, transcendental experience, aimed at safely guiding participants into ecstatic states of consciousness, where deep physical and emotional healing, as well as spiritual awakening, can occur.

Trance dance is a traditional shamanic healing technique, where percussive rhythms combined with breath work, entrancing sounds, and the use of blindfolds take participants on an embodied psycho-spiritual journey into deep states of consciousness through dance. The experience will begin with setting sacred space, where ceremonial cacao will be served. This traditional medicine facilitates greater access to heart-centered intuition, connection to the spiritual realm, and enhances the transformative potential of all forms movement. During the dance, participants are encouraged to move in any way the music and energy of the space guides them, without inhibition. Facilitators will have prepared the room prior to the event, and will guide participants throughout to ensure a safe and fruitful experience.

Register for Trance Dance & Cacao Ceremony, here.


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