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Thank you for visiting my site! It is my hope that here you will find information, resources, encouragement, and support to empower you on your personal journey back to wholeness. It is my belief that each of us are already complete as we are, right here right now. There is nothing we need to fix or change, but rather simply remember who we really are.

There is nothing I cherish more than offering a helping hand and guiding light for others on this path, that I too, am also on. Please explore this page with an open heart and mind, and if you feel that I might be someone to help you journey deeper into the world of self-love, please consider attending one of my classes, workshops, or working with me privately.

Blessings and love to all,

Upcoming Events


Drumming for Women: Remembering a Sacred Legacy
Friday, 9-20-19 
Authentic Yoga Scottsdale

This workshop is not just about learning how to play the frame drum. It is about experientially exploring a distinctly feminine approach to spirituality — one that remembers and celebrates the importance of a feminine divine principle in our lives — and one that embraces the whole body as a means through which to access and claim that divinity for ourselves.

This workshop is about discovering the history of a time and place where women were regarded as priestesses and as keepers of sacred sound. It is about taking our place within that history, and empowering ourselves to know deeply that our sound, our voice, and our fully embodied spirit more than deserves to be seen and heard, but rather must be — for our selves, our families, our communities, and our planet.

As we hold these sacred tools in our hands, we will allow the deep and primal knowledge of how to use them rise to the surface of our being. And by “keeping together in time” with our sisters, we will feel and know our unity in the “rhythmic web” of life.*

*Layne Redmond. When the Drummers were Women


The history of hand drumming as women’s spiritual practice.

The importance of a feminine divine principle for both men and women and the consequences of its absence.

The power of an embodied approach to spiritual practice.

The basic strokes of the frame drum and their connection to the elements, as taught by Layne Redmond and her teacher, Hamza Al Din.

Several basic practice rhythms.

Vocalizing while drumming.

The Element Song, written and composed by Miranda Rondeau.

Walk in: $45
Early bird: $35
Authentic Yoga Teacher Trainees Only: $25 Walk in; $15 Early Bird

Payment can be sent via:
Paypal: kariannlevine@gmail.com
Venmo: @kari-ann-levine
Or cash at the door
(Please select the “friends and family” if using PayPal.)

* I have 17 drums available for use on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to reserve one, please let me know as soon as possible. These drums will also be available for purchase after the workshop. If you are bringing your own drum, please make sure that it is a hand drum. You should be able to hold it’s frame in your hands, with your fingers free enough to play its head. If you have any questions about whether your drum will work, please send me a message. No prior drumming experience necessary.



Sacred Healing Meditation
Saturday, 10-12-2019
7:30-8:45 pm
Metta Yoga

Sound has been used around the world for healing and accessing expanded states of consciousness for centuries. The instruments used are usually overtone producing, meaning they emit many frequencies at once. With our focused attention, these unpredictable, often unfamiliar, entrancing sounds lull us into trancelike meditative awareness. In this state, the body-mind is able to enter deep states of relaxation and restoration, release past traumas, create positive cognitive change, experience and learn how to create a calm and peaceful inner landscape, attune and align with the Higher-Self, and countless other life-enhancing benefits.

In order for the fruits of Sound Meditation to be absorbed most effectively, it requires active and mindful listening by the participants. As such, every sound meditation begins with a brief introduction about what sound is, why it is so powerful, and how to listen meditatively. Participants are then guided through a meditative visualization to allow their conscious, thinking-mind to settle into a deeper, more present, more embodied sense of being. From here, Kari takes practitioners on a deeply inward journey, using meditation-inducing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, harmonium, drum, vocal toning, and sanskrit mantra. At the end of each session, Kari takes care to gently lift practitioners into waking consciousness, concluding with a practice, meditation, or affirmation to help integrate the sound experience, so that practitioners don’t only leave feeling restored and revitalized, but are given the tools to create this experience in their lives as well.

Walk-In: $25
Early Bird: $23 (before 7/6)
Metta Member: $20

To register for the Sacred Sound Journey, click here.

Singing the Soul_ Embodying the Spirit copy

Singing the Soul: Embodying the Spirit
Friday, 11-15-19
6:00-8:30 pm
Authentic Yoga Scottsdale

Back by popular demand!

Within the human instrument of the body, the voice is the means through which we express our deepest truths. When this powerful tool is harnessed and directed for spiritual purposes, it becomes a means to transcend ordinary consciousness and directly communicate with the Divine. Through this process, we sing our spirits into being, becoming more fully embodied in our true essence as beings of Light and Sound.

In this workshop, participants will experience singing Sanskrit Mantra as a method for self actualization and spiritual exploration. We will discuss the history and science of chanting as a spiritual technology to reach higher states of awareness, allowing access to personal healing and spiritual insight. Participants will tap into their unique singing voice, and be given tools to allow the voice to blossom. Several Sanskrit Mantras will be explored from a variety of perspectives, including their translations, archetypal energies, pronunciation, and the healing power of their vibration through chant. Participants will be given practical tools and practices to bring the healing power of chant into their everyday life.

Walk in: $45
Early bird: $35
Authentic Yoga Teacher Trainees Only: $25 Walk in; $15 Early Bird

Payment can be sent via:
Paypal: kariannlevine@gmail.com
Venmo: @kari-ann-levine
Or cash at the door
(Please select the “friends and family” if using PayPal.)

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