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To Kari, Yoga is so more than physical exercise. (Though it certainly is a powerful way to bring health and vitality to our bodies!) To her, yoga is an embodied prayer.

Yoga āsana-s (postures) are a tool through which we can experience ourselves as the peaceful, centered, divine beings that we are.

Kari is 500 Hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500 ERYT), the highest designated certification through Yoga Alliance. She has thousands of hours of experience teaching group classes, in private sessions, and in her own personal practice.

In all of Kari’s classes and one-on-one sessions, she emphasizes that yoga does not change or fix us because there is nothing that we need to change or fix. Instead, yoga is simply the process of releasing everything that isn’t us — the worries, the fears, the doubts, the labels, the expectations. And in this process of cleansing and purification, we reveal our truth, our essence — and as result, we are able to express ourselves more fully in the world.

While Kari is is experienced in many styles and lineages of physical yoga, she specializes in teaching Aṣṭaṅga Vinyāsa Yoga — a method of practice that is traditionally taught in a one-to-one relationship between teacher and student. The intimacy that develops in this relationship allows space for the deeper wisdom of yoga to be transmitted — where the poses, breath, and meditative focus serve as the vehicle for the unknowable mystery of Truth and Oneness to be experienced in the body, heart, and mind of both teacher and student.

Kari teaches several studio classes throughout the week and is available for private individual and group lessons. Her current schedule can be viewed here. 

To learn more about working with Kari privately, click here. 

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