Kari Ann Levine is a Yoga Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Sound Creator, Intuitive Guide and Energy Worker living in Phoenix, AZ. Her passion for these areas was born of her greater mission to discover the tools and technologies for her own self-healing — a path that has led her to explore spiritual and esoteric practices from both eastern and western traditions, applying what she has learned in her own life, and sharing it withothers.

Kari holds a Masters Degree in Sociology from FSU with an emphasis in Yogic Studies, Embodiment, and Social Psychology. She is also a Certified Master Yoga Instructor, Usui Reiki Practitioner, and a Sound Meditation Facilitator. She has a special love for Sanskrit Chanting and sharing these ancient, powerful vibrations in group classes, empowerment workshops, and with clients.

Kari views each individual as a fully embodied psycho-spiritual-social-emotional being. This holistic perspective, in combination with her academic background, and the wide net of healing technologies from which she draws, allows Kari to creatively weave together practices to benefit students on all levels.

Kari is a gifted and soulful teacher, with a special skill for creating a supportive and nonjudgemental environment. Regardless of the modality that Kari is sharing, her goal is always the same — to guide students to recognize, experience, and activate the innate healing power of their own bodies and minds. It is her belief that while she may guide you to healing, it is you who does the work to transform yourself.

She is committed to being a perpetual student of her heart and soul — and sharing the wisdom she learns with others.


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