About Kari

I believe that the human condition, infinite in its expression, is remarkably beautiful. All of its forms — from the most tender and joyous love, to seemingly endless mundane monotony, to being frozen with grief, confusion, or fear — are holy encounters to experience our depths and to journey towards wholeness. 

This is why I also believe that the times in my life that have brought me to my knees, are also my most treasured gifts. For just as the tree whose branches reach the heights of heaven must also have roots that touch the depths of hell — it is only in the descent into darkness that we have no choice but to dig so deep that we discover our light, which is ultimately what we need most to illuminate our passage. 

My work over the last decade has been to discover the maps and tools to guide  me on my own journey and sharing what I have learned with others. My influences and teachers are wide-ranging, blending approaches from both modern academic science and various spiritual traditions. 

In 2012 I earned a Master’s degree in the field of sociology where I studied social psychology, embodiment, and identity. During this time I also discovered yoga and meditation, and I have been a student and teacher of these practices and their philosophies ever since. I have also explored the archetypal realms of sacred plant medicine, particularly with Ayahuasca, and have worked and studied with both indigenous and western healers from the traditional Shipibo lineage. Most recently, I have trained in modern approaches to trauma informed mind-body healing rooted in the field of somatic psychology.

Beyond all of this, I believe that the true healer in my work is you. That it is my job to meet you with unconditional and compassionate support so the barriers to your inner wisdom can fall away and your own wise and loving heart can be revealed. To support this unfolding, I will help you discover the resources you already have within, which can anchor and guide you back to yourself, even and especially in the face of your deepest tests and challenges. I also offer reflections from spiritual traditions as I have come to understand them, and from my own experiences as a devoted student to my own healing to provide further context for your process and experiences. 

It is a brave soul who says yes to this work — a true warrior of spirit, willing to wade into your watery depths, while resting on the wings of faith that there is gold awaiting your discovery on the other side.

It would be nothing short of an honor to walk beside you on this most courageous sojourn. To learn more, please visit my offerings page, here.